We support the expansion of our Clients by identifying their competitive advantages as well as market opportunities. The scope of our services is tailored each time to the business circumstances and individual expectations of the Client in order to provide solutions exactly adjusted to his needs.

For Clients working on corporate development strategy, we provide an independent appraisal of the enterprise, followed by alternative development scenarios including takeovers, mergers or organic development utilizing internal recourse of the enterprise.

Alternative growth strategies prepared for the Client include each time the parametrization of advantages and risks for particular scenarios.

For chosen development strategy, we provide comprehensive or partial support on each stage of planning, preparing and execution of the project, according to the Client’s expectations.


Regardless the scope of our involvement required by the Client we always focus on providing integrated and highly effective solutions both in M&A and other investment projects whenever organic growth strategy is accomplished. For each development scenario we provide financial model allowing the appraisal and comparison of the increase in shareholder value together with risk assessment.

As far as M&A is concerned our approach is focused on identifying the most efficient transaction structure that allows to effectively complete the deal process at minimal risks. The extensive due diligence focused on, but not limited to business issues is to both advantageously shape the deal in terms of financial, cost and risk issues as well as develop successful negotiation strategy.

Our Partners having multiyear experience in M&A deals have successfully represented the Clients both on buy-side and sell-side.

While implementing corporate restructuring, not only caused by the financial underperformance but mainly the dynamic growth of business scale that requires ownership or structural changes, we provide solutions aimed at efficiency increase of all strategic business units and their proper integration leading to subsequent growth in shareholder value. Our approach helps to effectively design new corporate, ownership and organization structures, usually linked with capital and resource reallocation, and to successfully implement all transformations.

We’ve collected and developed the unique competences in the most complex corporate restructuring processes, especially in but no limited to power and heat engineering, construction, real estate and TSL sectors.

While accomplishing debt and equity financing projects for our Clients our aim is to maximize the level of funds acquired at the lowest level of business risk and cost. We develop optimal financing structures based on detailed business plans, feasibility studies, as well as cost of capital optimizing models.

Beside the multiyear experience in fund raising processes including private placement, public offers, and debt financing through the bank loans and bond issues, we have successfully accomplished numerous complex debt to equity swap transaction.

As far as development of competitive advantage is concerned, while providing assistance in investment and resource optimization through their concentration, allocation and outsourcing as well as in management system reorganization we develop adequate business process and financial models tailored to the specific goals and circumstances of corporate strategy, each time leaving room for adjustments to changing market environment and crisis situations.

We’ve collected wide experience in this area both while accomplishing specifically strategic advisory projects as well as a part of multiyear complex support to our Clients in subsequent phases of their expansion.


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