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about us

We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in complex M&A transactions as well as investment and restructuring projects.

We have built our competences working for both global corporations, as well as for dynamically growing mid-sized companies from Poland, Europe and Asia since the end of XX century.

Our unique capabilities include selection, evaluation and implementation of integrated growth strategies focused on mergers and acquisitions, as well as internal growth and shareholder value creation through increase of competitive advantage and business efficiency.

our offer

We offer our Clients professional financial and strategic advisory services in the area of:


Providing comprehensive services both on a buy side and sell side we identify accurate investors or acquisition targets, precisely define financial terms of a deal, build forecasting and valuation models, conduct due diligence and develop effective negotiation strategy that would lead to achieving desired results of a deal.

Corporate restructuring

We assist in optimizing capital groups and corporate structures aimed at efficiency increase and growth in shareholder value; we support both ownership and structural changes, such as separation of ownership and management functions, change in relations between owners or investors, as well as business allocation into strategic business units (SBUs) or subsidiaries; we conduct the spin-off transactions, asset disposals as well as capital transformations.

Debt and equity financing

We specialize in assistance to private and public organizations looking to acquire funds to support expansion of existing operations, as well as growth oriented projects; we also support liquidity rebuilding process, as well as potential adjustments in working capital management; we also have a unique experience in complex debt to equity swap transactions.

Development of competitive advantage

We support the companies in efficiency improvement through optimization of selected business areas and operations, in particular strategic reorientation, management system reorganization, resource optimization and development of organization structures and corporate governance.


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